Better Results Services

The purpose of Better Results Services is to help existing organization to meet their objectives by strengthening their service delivery systems. Better Results does not create its own projects, but rather comes alongside organizations that have already invested in outreach, and assists them to effectively and efficiently reach their goals.

Better Employment Services – is the division of Better Results that assists organization in the area of job creation.

Better Educational Services – is the division of Better Results that assists organizations in the area of schools and training.

The staff of Better Results Services has both academic training and practical experience in promoting more effective and efficient programs, and also has developed many tools that can quickly and inexpensively enable organizations to improve the impact of their program. For example, a manual for job creation, Where There Are No Jobs, is one of the tools often use in promotion of better employment results, and this manual is also available in Spanish.

The innovative and creative input provided by Better Results Services can also be funded, in many cases, by special donors or stakeholders who have a special interest in the evaluation and improvement of programs. Since the staff of Better Results is external, the cost of an evaluation can be absorbed without any long-term financial burden on the programs under evaluation.